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Monster Houses

Here’s are some fun little creatures that my daughter created. I decided they needed homes so I made each its own houses. They’re called Monster Houses but the monsters are actually friendly – most can actually come out to play. The monsters are soft and their buttons are sown on real well. The houses are hand painted pine but they aren’t really meant to be the toy – just a place for the monster to go home to. They’re very unique and always bring a smile to non-monster faces.















This monster has received some criticism for not being very scary plus his house, sildenafil sales though very nice is pretty orderly – but his friends find it very comforting. You’ll have to decide. The house is 12″ wide, 10-5/8″ high, and 4″ deep with a nice soft monster standing in his personalized cutout. $78.00





This monster shows a little wear-n-tear from his mischievous ways – but he’s not all bad and he does have one good eye still. His house is 10-1/4″ long, 9-3/4″ high, and 3″ deep. This is also a soft monster but he probably won’t be around long since he already has one foot(?) outside the door. $78.00








Not really a toy, more of a decoration. This monster likes to stay in his house. 12″ wide, 11-1/4″ high, and 6-1/4 deep. This is the only monster house in which even the monster is made of painted wood.
(He’s not really as scary as he looks.) $78.00





Distant relative of the Gingerbread Man – who was more interested in taste. GINGER is more into “style” and his home is quite stately. But GINGER is actually quite friendly. Oh by the, that’s not his real hair – they’re actually “plug-ins.” 11-1 /4″ wide, 10-5/8″ high and 5-1/8″ deep. $78.00






Even though she’s likes a good time, she has standards, and always is at home at a descent time. (Actually her wardrobe preference has been misinterpreted by others, she’s not as wild as she looks and really is more comfortable with younger people.) 11-1/2″ wide, 10-3/8″ high and 4-1/4″ deep. $78.00







Free spirit monster, you know the type – has their head in the clouds, always chasing after stars.12-1/2″ wide, 10-5/8″ high and 4-1/2″ deep. $78.00